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Fishdom H2O Review

Fishdom H2O is a fast paced hidden object Mac game taking place under the sea. Jennifer a marine biologist needing some extra cash decides to dive for sunken treasure and items to sell. She is planning to build a fantastic aquarium in order to impress a bigwig so she can get a job. The hidden [...]

Fish Tycoon Review

   I love this Mac game. Fish Tycoon is like an adult Tamogotchi the children’s game developed by Bandai in the 1990s. I killed mine several times over when I was a kid. You have to take care of your aquarium or your fish will die also. The sim play is done in real time. [...]

Fishdom Review

   Fishdom is one of the better Mac games I’ve played. You can create your own cool aquarium complete with fish, all the plants and equipment you will need for your own tank. The match 3 or more like items part of the game is almost a side thing since building your own aquarium takes [...]