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Ouba: The Great Journey Review

Ouba the Great Journey is the story about the happy Ouba people living in a beautiful village with a magical waterfall, the source of the people’s strength. One day Garouba who was vanquished from the village returns and devastates the entire town scattering the Ouba people into the woods. The evil Garouba attempts to capture [...]

Maui Wowee Review

                    Maui Wowee!  The name jumps out at you and reels you in.  This game is one of the best games I have played in a while.  It has a cool Hawaiian feel to it and the graphics are appropriate to the theme. To play you have 2 modes to choose from.   The slide mode [...]

Mystic Emporium Review

Enter the land of magic and mystery in Mystic Emporium. You are a young witch with dreams of one day owning your own potions shop. Well today is your lucky day! An old witch is retiring and you have just stumbled upon the business opportunity of a lifetime. Straighten up you hat and strap on [...]