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Drawn: Dark Flight Review

Did you like those kiddy pop-up books when you were growing up? They were great with moving parts and colorful layouts. Drawn: Dark Flight brings the pop-up books to life and cleverly uses them to help you solve puzzles. As a sequel to Painted Tower, you begin where the first game left off. The dramatic [...]

Autumn’s Treasures: The Jade Coin Review

      Autumn thought she knew everything about her beloved grandfather, but after his death, she discovers more than she really wanted to know. In Mac hidden object game Autumn’s Treasure: The Jade Coin you will uncover his past and search for the Jade Coin. Autumn still grieving over her “gramps’” death is flung into a [...]

Annie’s Millions Review

Who wouldn’t be able to spend a million dollars before your cousins? It sounds easy enough but Annie is having trouble spending her uncle’s money. What is behind Uncle Dave’s motives? Annie’s cousins have the same challenge. Milly has great taste and cousin Carl and Uncle Dave have common interests. Do they have a jump [...]