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Snarkbusters: Welcome to the Club Review

Hooray for new hidden object Mac games! It can be done in a creative and beautifully drawn imaginary world of developers. SnarkBusters: Welcome to the Club is one such fantasy example. It takes a simple but outrageous story with outlandish drawings in a smart and fun way. Kira Robertson is a carefree, outrageous young woman [...]

Ancient Secrets Review

With a title like Ancient Secrets, this hidden object/seek and find game with a little rpg play should draw you in to the deepest unknown world of early indigenous people. These people were known as the Tekka who hid all their valuable assets by dividing and hiding their treasures. You are Kate whose father has [...]

Journalist Journey: The Eye of Odin Review

You are a vacationing journalist and see glowing symbols appear on the walls of building and something like northern lights in the sky. What do you do? You get to work investigating this strange and frightening phenomenon that’s what. In Mac hidden object game Journalist Journey: The Eye of Odin this is exactly the beginning [...]